Friday, March 25, 2011

Landmark 3- Exercise Time!

After exploring all of Singapore in our extremely hot weather a swim would be nice. Also a little exercise to help to keep yourself fit throughout the holiday is advisable too...

Tampines Stadium 

Tampines Stadium has been in Tampines Stadium for quite some time now. Throughout the years more and more facilities have been constructed in it to make it better than it was before. Now it is equipped with a swimming complex, a gym and a 8 lane running track. 

The running tracks of Tampines Stadium are great for jogging. This track has been used many times for inter-school competition or school "Sports Day".

The Tampines Swimming Complex allows the family to have some fun. This swimming complex has 1 kids' pool, two training pools and one adult pool. If one of the family members don't feel like swimming there is a little cafe near the kids' pool.

Location of Tampines Stadium on the Map:

Landmark 2- Bhuddist culture


Tampines has it's very own temple, the temple's name is "淡滨尼联合宫", in direct translation it means United Palace, Tampines. The true significance of the name can be dated back to the history of the temple. The temple was originally a place for scholars to come and visit to share their gathered information, they were allowed to take a pencil blessed by the gods as a reward for sharing knowledge. The scholars would also learn of moral values such as filial piety, empathy and justice in the temple. Statues of sages and teachers are built on the inside for worship.

Along the temple is a wall barricading it, on top of the wall is a dragon. There are two dragons in total, protecting this sacred temple.

Location of temple on the map:

Landmark 1- Shopping Time

Tampines has many shopping centres for tourists to go to. Each of them have a variety of shops to shop from, a great place to shop. But I am going to highlight some of the better ones.

Tampines Mall
Click the image for a larger view of it.

The construction of Tampines Mall was completed in 1995, the mall was officially opened in 1996. According to Wikipedia, Tampines Mall is one of the most popular malls in the Eastern side of Singapore. The mall is located in Tampines Central 5, it is conveniently located next to the Tampines Regional Library. Two other shopping centres, Tampines 1 and Century Square, are situated close to it.
Though it was built quite a number of years ago, the mall was renovated in 2004 to keep up with modern times. Tampines Mall is made up of 4 stories and 2 basements. 
Whether if you just want to shop or want to have a nice meal, Tampines Mall is the place to go.
Tampines Mall is always bustling with activity, throughout the years the shops have upgraded and improved. You are able to buy almost anything in Tampines Mall. New shops have also been introduced to attract more customers, like nubox (Apple). Tampines Mall also holds many sales to attract more customers, recently they held a clothing sale. 

 There are a large variety of "branded clothes shops" in Tampines Mall these are just some of they few:
Charles & Keith


Tampines Mall is also a great place to have your meal, whether it is a full meal or just a quick bite, Tampines Mall is the way to go!

Tampines Mall also has many other facilities. A playground for the kids, a cinema for the family, and an arcade to spend time in while waiting for the movie!

Location of Tampines Mall on the map: